1:54 AM | Author: Siva
What are the defining qualities of the best Chick ? Should be Hot ! Hot ! & Hot ! Anything else is sub par. Should melt at your first touch but shouldn't be spineless. Should have a balance in the spice level. Just enough to keep you interested but not too much to saturate your taste buds to enjoy the rest of the wonderful things this world has to offer. The juiciness is normally a matter of preference. Mine borders around 50-60%.

Too idealistic ? Does one such "chick" exist ? yes, It does. Check out Shalimar in the Bay area. It is a Indo-Pakistani restaurant. Famous for its food and infamous for its service. I don't care about the service as long as a I get the best chick on a weekly basis.

This is the best chicken in the bay area, in fact the best I had in US. But if your spice expectation level is equivalent to the global thermo nuclear* of University chicken or your patience level is zero then Shalimar may not be the right place.

Who cares about service** ? I am all for the best chick.

P.S : * if you don't what the global thermo nuclear is then it is just enough spice to keep all your holes burning for couple of days !
** Never go to this place alone. It has a funny requirement. You need to hold a table and give the table number when you wait in line and order the food. But you can't be at the table (if you aren't there then someone else will take it) and order at the same time. Can you ?
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