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Barron's story says Warren Buffett's company is too pricey. Their valuation is $130, 000 a share. Well it came close to that price within a day. Well, you may wonder what am I doing monitoring this share. Someone said there are class B shares of the same company for people like me. Guess its price $4510 ! That is what is called overestimation of someone's net worth.

BTW, If you are shopping for books feel free to skip "The Warren Buffett Portfolio". Instead read the Warren Buffett's shareholder letters.
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The Tales of Beedle the Bard is J.K. Rowling's handwritten book. The tales were first referenced in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Only seven handmade copies of the book exist. J.K.Rowling gave six copies to people closely connected with the Harry Potter collection. Amazon bought the seventh. Here is the link in Amazon's site which also has the review of the first tale and photos of the book.

I wonder how Amazon is going to profit from this investment of four million dollars. Do they have the right to reprint it ? I hope so. I will be one of the first to preorder then.
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You walk into an office with a series of doors. Someone who walks before you holds all of them open for you. How many times should you thank him/her ? If once then should it be for the first door or last ? Does it differ based on whether the someone is him/her ?
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With just a month to go for the Democratic Presidential primaries and almost every new poll claiming how close the race is will search trends help us to find the leader ? Take a quick look at Google trends results for Obama and Clinton for the past one year.

Obama and Clinton in Iowa :

Looks really close.

Obama and Clinton in New Hampshire :

This is closer than Iowa.

Obama and Clinton in US :

Not as close as one would have hoped.

Can we say where should the candidates concentrate their campaign based on search trends ?
Obama - Hillary leads in Davenport, IA by almost 3 to 4 times. (in terms of searches of course)
Hillary - Keene, NH. No one searches for Clinton there. Either they know everything about her or they really don't want to know.

Nation level search trends are much more interesting in The Republican graph. (Huckabee is leading)

Just for fun :

Bush and Kerry in US for the year 2004