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I know there are few regular readers of this blog. If you haven't subscribed to this blog in a feed reader then this post is for you. Feed readers are excellent tools if you are reading a number of blogs and news websites everyday. All you have to do is to add the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds of all the blogs and news websites you read to one feed reader. Then all you have to do is to login to your feed reader to check the latest updates to all these sites. For example of feeds from news sites check the feeds pages of NYTimes and BBC. The BBC site also has an introduction to RSS feeds if you need one. This blog's feed is here.

I would recommend using Google reader. But there are lot of other feed readers out there. Bloglines and Newsgator to mention two. If you like iGoogle then you can add the feeds to your iGoogle page too. To add this blog to your iGoogle page or to Google reader click the button below.

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Got it. Finished it. No Surprises. Still interesting.
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His obsession with Kuttralam season started with the school tours. The ones with the girls in wet 'pavadai sattai' and the beautiful biology teacher. Sometimes there was a girls' college bus in one of the falls which was like a bonus. He found better reasons than ogling at wet pavadais soon - the combination of Malish and Toddy. It refreshes the mind and the body, he would say. But then a friend introduced him to the combination of drinks and a bath in the falls - nature's Malish. 'Ullayum Thanni Veliyavum Thanni' was the idea. He tried all the combinations. Drinks before the bath, drinks after, drinks while the water was pounding his back, a 24 - hour marathon repeating the combinations. He exhausted all the possibilities.

Then he got introduced to the exotic fruits. The lychees made him come back. While in Kuttralam, he always trekked to the Thenaruvi, supposed to be the topmost point one can go. With lychee, drinks and the nature's Malish with the purest water. When people started going above the Thenaruvi he didn't return to Kuttralam. The Trek was too long to find water in which people haven't peed. He half-heartedly went to see the Niagara and had the drinks in Minolta tower. 'Veliyavum Thanni Ullayum Thanni' he thought. He missed Kuttralam.
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