8:20 PM | Author: Siva

A 9 year old girl from Madurai has become the youngest person to ever pass the Microsoft Certified Professional exam. She also holds the record for reciting all the 1330 couplets in Tirukkural. She did that at the age of three. She even has her own website. I have attempted the Tirukkural part at a much older age and I could never do more than a hundred kurals at that time. So I can guess the difficulty of doing all of it at three. She has got quite a talent.

But something has been bugging me since I read this news. Why will someone train her for MCP when she is nine ? I am sure she is not looking for a job now. So why MCP ? Looks like she is being trained to go for the records. I hope someone channels her growth in other fields like maths, science or chess rather than training her for MCP.