8:01 PM | Author: Siva
Loved it. I know the movie is old. Watch it if you haven't. You will probably like it too. Especially if you like walking 3 kms to Tiruparankundram for eating Parotta and Kuruma at 3 am in the morning. Part 2 of the movie will be out in April.
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6:57 PM | Author: Siva
Why do IT type people wear those ID cards wherever they go ? Do they fear about getting wounded or killed ? Or is it sort of a medal ? It is funny when you spot it in a marriage album along with silk dhothi and the works.
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6:30 PM | Author: Siva
For a person spoiled by Google Finance using MoneyControl is a nightmare. But looks like there are very few alternatives (Are there any ?). ICICIDirect is another website that comes to mind which is in a similar state with regard to the usability. So the question : Why will these companies try to do development in-house, looks like e-eighteen in MoneyControl case, when they can outsource ?

I know that typical trade-offs of in-house development vs outsourcing apply in this case. But in the Indian context it appears very few companies outsource. Why ? Can availability of cheap developers lead the management to believe they can do it as well as the IT shops but cheaper ? Is it because of the low quality work of these IT shops ? (See Ravi's blog for a discussion on the quality problem) Any other reasons why outsourcing is not that common in this context ?