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He knew everything. To tie the shoe lace really fast. To explain face value of shares better than the math teacher. To teach me how to maintain a double entry ledger. Even when he didn't have a shoe or a share. He had answers to all the questions. He asked questions that are difficult to answer. He quoted from Kalamega pulavar and Ramalinga Adigalar. To remember the Thirukural that ends with 'ila' was simple for him.

I pick the shares for him and teach him options. He doesn't like Excel. I wish he can still teach me something. May be he can.
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When one overhears 2 girls hush-hush like the following

G1: I was like "ooooooooooh" .... He was like "Aaaaaaaaaaaah" ...
G2 : really ... (giggles understandingly)

and doesn't get it but imagines nasty things, one realizes one is getting older like Seeni. Wait. May be one is getting younger. Whatever.
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He always wears a white dhothi and a white shirt. A lot of us will mistake it for pale yellow. He managed couple of people and my neighborhood barber shop. The one with 'Dinamalar' and 'Dhinathanthi' and lot of actress posters. He has this smell of Sambar on him. Always.

My Dad liked him. I didn't. He knew my Dad's choice. I always got that. I tried telling him Disco cut, Hippie style, all those I wanted. Even took a picture of Bruce Lee once to show that the hair should cover the ears. I got what my Dad wanted. The crew cut. I hated him. People thought it was really my hair that is causing all the problems and called me 'Vanangamudi'. Which I was anyway.

He took lot of pride in teaching the art to his assistants. I moved to his assistants' shop, the one with TV and samantha fox posters. Ramasami didn't know he made a bad choice for short term gains and died bankrupt. I ask for a crew cut now.
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There is a new feature in Jogging the path. With the amount of information available increasing astronomically there is no way each one of us are going to read all that available. Here is an option to make it little bit more easier. I am going to share what I am reading in the new module in the side bar. Thanks to google reader for allowing this.

If you share my interests you will find the links interesting. If not, well, what are you doing here then ? Most of the links are going to be for blogs, but some of it could be from news sites too. This portion is going to be updated frequently than the blog itself. (as I spend more time reading than writing)

If you use a feed reader to read this blog then you can subscribe to the feed for What am I reading by going here.
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As previously predicted in this post Florida Gators did win the NCAA men's basketball championship. So that makes it two in a row in basketball since Duke's 91-92 wins. This is the first time the same University holds College Football and College Basketball Championships. That gives us the bragging rights for a year.

The only scare to the prediction came when the Tennessee Vols led the Ohio State by 20 points. But that was just a scare.

Barack Obama will win.

I am not going to say anything about cricket. But I am starting to like Srilanka.
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