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What happens if you wring out water from a wet cloth ?

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The joke in this post about Westbrook and Durant turned out to be true. Westbrook is out for the season and Durant score 39 points in a quarter. The chances of OKC to overcome the spurs is low now, still I will root for them.

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Couple of articles that caught my eyes

President Bush is smarter than you.

President Bush's passion for paintings.

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Well, the only NBA player who can hold Kevin Durant under 30 points a game is Russell Westbrook. More like that in the link. It is going to be OKC this year !

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Margaret Thatcher is dead. The most memorable video of her arguing against socialism:

 Something that made me read about income gap.

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The new section on mental health issues argues for using credibly sourced diagnoses instead of labels. Saying someone was “diagnosed with schizophrenia” instead of schizophrenic, for example.

And that discussion about labeling people, instead of behavior, led us back to “illegal immigrant” again. 

We concluded that to be consistent, we needed to change our guidance. 

So we have.
May be we can revise judge to be just a verb and use "a person who has the authority to judge" for someone !

Jay Leno's suggested term : "Undocumented democrats" .

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A search for little philosopher lead to reading about a philosopher from a different century - John Stuart Mill. An interesting letter written by him when he was a six year old:
Mr. Walker3 is a very intimate friend of mine, who lives at No. 31 in Berkeley Square. I have engaged him, as he is soon coming here, first to go to your house, and get for me the 3.d and 4.th volumes of Hooke’s Roman history.4 But I am recapitulating5 the 1.st and 2.d volumes, having finished them all except a few pages of the 2.d. I will be glad if you will let him have the 3.d and 4.th volumes.

I am yours sincerely

John Stuart Mill was trained rigorously by his father. Compare that to the little philosopher from Washington suburb, who they say is not trained at all.

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Here is a new map of the US based on dollar bill mobility.

Makes complete sense why I get strange looks when I say I like OKC and not the Mavericks. Still, New Mexico is a loner.

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