8:54 PM | Author: Siva
The Coke factory in Gangaikondan, Tamilnadu is the place this time. There are investigations over a death. It will be very difficult to prove anything especially with the Indian penal system which provides the benefit of doubt to the accused. If it is in U.S then it will be simple. Get a middle class jury. The verdict will be almost decided at that point against the company. A better way for Coke to prove its social responsibility, as it claims to have, is to join the desalination project of the Tamilnadu government. But I am sure they won't do it for a few more years.
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9:35 AM | Author: Siva
Check this article on GE Durham. One plant manager for 170 people who build aircraft engines. That says something about that 170 people. Every person knows every other person's salary. You need extraordinary trust in people to run a company like this. But isn't it the way it should be.

In contrast, look at the current conditions in services industry. It appears it is built on extraordinary disbelief in people. All the processes to avoid human error, then a process to evaluate the process itself(sei cmm?), salaries known only to your manager, more processes to keep it that way. I would like to work in a place like GE Durham. hmm ...
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1:56 PM | Author: Siva
A very recent story about Coke's exploitation of natural resources is here. Coca cola is demanding sales tax benefits from the state government. For what ? Is it for its service to the humanity ? If the supreme court acts fast and finds Coca cola guilty of exploiting natural sources it is going to start a string of cases against all its bottling units. Let us see where this goes.
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