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Check this article on GE Durham. One plant manager for 170 people who build aircraft engines. That says something about that 170 people. Every person knows every other person's salary. You need extraordinary trust in people to run a company like this. But isn't it the way it should be.

In contrast, look at the current conditions in services industry. It appears it is built on extraordinary disbelief in people. All the processes to avoid human error, then a process to evaluate the process itself(sei cmm?), salaries known only to your manager, more processes to keep it that way. I would like to work in a place like GE Durham. hmm ...
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On 3:38 PM , balraj said...

i guess the employees are driven by their passion for the work they do .. i hardly saw passion in people in the services industry .. it is all about how you can get a better rating and a better pay than the one next to you .. to some extent it fuels competition, growth and helps weed out the incompetent, but as you have said, generates a lot of uncertainty about the whole process itself.

i dont think many people, especially common indians, can afford to pursue a career for anything other than money ... but if they are assured of the kind of living standards that we see in the america .. i am sure we can see a change in the attitude of the people .. people might cease chasing white collar jobs.

On 9:10 PM , Siva said...

As always, you have a point bals. The living standards is one of the important thing. I guess things are changing slowly. We can expect it to happen.

But about the passion thing, I don't think there is any improvement in that area. In fact things are moving the other way. Leave the companies. I hope it doesn't affect the people.