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Google has acquired JotSpot yesterday. The news is also on JotSpot's blog. If you don't know JotSpot, it is a easy to use wiki platform which allows you to collaborate without the trouble of editing those convetional wiki pages. It also allows you to colloborate with Spread Sheets, Calendar, bug tracking, Project management, to-do lists stuff like that.

Google has some overlap there in terms of the products. Only one of those will survive and it is going to be Google's mostly. My guess is that Google is after the wiki style functionality. So JotSpot's style may fold into Google's Docs and spreadsheets. The other apps may fold into Google Pack or could be scrapped.

Wiki style version control, collaboration will help any Office 2.0 style suites. I am a fan of version control. What is the use of collaborative documents without a proper verion control ? But we can expect it soon in Google's Docs and Spredsheets.

It is going to be interesting to see what Zoho and Microsoft do.
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On 2:22 AM , Seenivasan said...

I wanted to know more about JotSpot unfortunately the JotSpot site doesnt give out much.

A kind suggestion, when you add a link can you please make it to open in a new window. Everytime I click on a link I loose your site. :)

On 8:00 PM , Siva said...

yeah, they left only a skeleton there.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will do that in the future posts.