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Do you think that with so much information available choosing the right digital camera for your needs will be easier than before ? It is actually more demanding now.

When I started shopping for a digital camera almost everyone in the friends circle voted for Canon. So that was settled. But there were too many options in Canon : Five series to be exact (A , SD, S, G, DSLRs). DSLRs at $500 was quite tempting. But when the lens costs were factored in I bailed out. G series was never seriously considered as the price point was close to DSLRs. That left three models. Now I started searching for the reviews. Cnet Reviews, Dpreview, Consumer Reports all had good things to say about the SD series and S series. But all the reviews brought Panasonic DMC-TZ3 into the picture too. The sample pictures at the end of the DPReview helped to decide. I liked the Canon's output. But it was one photographer's take. Flickr helped me there. Check the pictures from Panasonic DMC-TZ3 and Canon's S5. The pictures from variety of settings confirmed the recommendation. It will be Canon. The reviews and photos from Amazon.com helped too.

So I had to short list one out of the 3 series. One visit to BestBuy the A series was out. It was too toy like. The choice was between SD and S series. Both had good reviews. The SD series was cheaper by 50$ - 100 $. But the actual decision was between ultra compact low zoom camera and high zoom, manual options, heavy S series. I went with the S5 for the zoom and the easy access to manual features.

So here is a Test shot of a Beer ad.
As seen from Hwy 85
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On 3:23 PM , Sarangan Rajamanickam said...


I have a better way to select the best camera..read a blog like this and choose the same....:-)

On 11:18 PM , Siva said...

And there are tons of blogs like this :-)

On the other hand, it is better if you do your own comparisons using the sites listed here. Our requirements may differ. I needed a good zoom to zoom the kid from long distance.

On 4:10 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Mine was Canon S2 IS. I bought during 2004 for 630 CAD.

Its good camera and worked great.
I love this camera very much. It has lot of cool features and functionality.
(I spoiled it by keeping inside the car during winter days)

S5 IS is latest version from Canon, Good selection Siva.
Price seems to be reasonable.

Unga research-ku oru alavay illama pochu...

On 10:58 PM , Barani said...

Beer'a photo eduthalam theliva than vilunthirukku :-)

On 10:30 AM , Siva said...

S2 was supposed to be good. S3 was the best I guess. But 630 CAD is lot of money. I paid 300$ for this including a 1 GB memory. naanga eppadiyvathu dr ayiduvom illa :-)

On 10:31 AM , Siva said...

punch barani .. unn creativitykku oru ellaye illama poche :-)

On 10:11 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Thats a good punch line Barani :)-