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Wharton India Economic Forum cancels Narendra Modi's speech citing reactions of multiple stakeholders, which is a petition organized by three Indian-American professors with 135 signatures.

People forget Ahmadinejad gave a speech at Columbia few years ago. The Indian community's tolerance for opposing views is reaching new lows. Toorjo Ghose (not Ghosh as the article says) one of the three professors who originated the petition says:
"I think it is important to keep talking about what development is. The model that Narendra Modi has put forward is seriously flawed and is based on some extremely egregious flouting of human rights. That is his economic model," 
Why not let Modi talk then ? Let him answer the questions about development.
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On 2:11 AM , Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

They do it for the 15 minutes of fame.....