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A search for little philosopher lead to reading about a philosopher from a different century - John Stuart Mill. An interesting letter written by him when he was a six year old:
Mr. Walker3 is a very intimate friend of mine, who lives at No. 31 in Berkeley Square. I have engaged him, as he is soon coming here, first to go to your house, and get for me the 3.d and 4.th volumes of Hooke’s Roman history.4 But I am recapitulating5 the 1.st and 2.d volumes, having finished them all except a few pages of the 2.d. I will be glad if you will let him have the 3.d and 4.th volumes.

I am yours sincerely

John Stuart Mill was trained rigorously by his father. Compare that to the little philosopher from Washington suburb, who they say is not trained at all.

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