9:39 PM | Author: Siva
Why ? Of all the things one could do why would one would install a statue for "Mother Tamil" ?  At least the three awards announced were more meaningful than the statue erecting stuff:
Three new awards – one for translating Tamil literature into other languages; another for lifetime contribution to Tamil and Tamil literature and the third for promotion of Tamil computing – were instituted.
 Criminal waste of resources.

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On 7:47 PM , Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

Will you say the same for Statue of Liberty?

On 11:26 PM , Siva said...

No, I won't. It has a symbolic meaning (libertas). This on the other hand has none. Because we refer a language as a she doesn't mean it has to be the mother. Tamil annai rhymes well than tamil akka, isn't it ? From there now we are making statutes of tamil annai.