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Coca cola's violation of fair trade practices is finally being noticed. Not in India, Colombia or Turkey where this violations happen. But in U.S. The Univ of Michigan has suspended sale of Coke products in its campus. Here is the letter doing that. When I went to see Constant Gardener (good movie) last week in UFL's cinema there was a signature drive to do the same in UFL. I happily agreed to sign. This is after NYU also chucked out Coca cola for similar reasons.

Me and Sri are one of those minority who say no to any of the carbonated drinks. We prefer plain water and are plainly surprised that the Coca Cola is beating its main competition "Water" in U.S.

When the U.S universities are doing this, what do we do in Indian colleges ? We will negotiate with Coca cola and pepsi for sponsorships and will choose the one who pays more ! Our actors will endorse it to make some more money ! Will someone in Indian Universities take a clue from these ?
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