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This is partly my wish and partly my vision, if you will, about how the connectivity in the world will be in the next 5 years. Now connectivity at home is unlimited. There is the broadband, and cable. I don't pay by how many movies I watch or how much I download. I pay for the connectivity.

What happens when I leave the house ? I pay for each message I send and receive. I pay for each call I make and receive. This trend will (has to ?) go away. I expect this in another 5 years in U.S, probably 7 years in India. People should be charged for mobile connectivity. Note, I don't want device based connectivity. I want one provider who allows me to go mobile. I should be able to connect with my laptop, blackberry, cell phone, whatever that is. I need one guy with whom I will maintain a subscription, and I stay connected all across the country/globe. The connectivity level should be as good as cell phones.

Let us see how this idea works in another 5 years.

BTW, You may ask why this connectivity is required for a guy who bought his first cellular phone in 2005. That is not the point, I don't need it. I prefer to be without this connectivity. But this is how I see it can be done in future :-)
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