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I was waiting for my first $100 cheque from Google. And it is sweet when you don't do anything but sit and wait for it. Isn't it ? Does that sound like a good excuse for not blogging for almost 2 months ? Well that is atleast a better excuse than exams and research projects, right ? Thank you for those loyal handful of readers and search engines.

But why will someone looking for a bangalore female will ever land in this blog ? Atleast I can understand the guy searching for a bar tender in Bangalore and landing here. But how can search engines send a person searching for a bangalore female to this blog. Google needs some serious rework. I can understand when the search phrase is something like "nigritude ultramarine", rare once (not now there are close to 90000 pages with it), the search engine can rank the guy who asks other to link to him with the phrase at the top. But that poor guy(or gal) who came here from google would have been disappointed for sure. Anyway, I am back, and if you want to know more about it check the nigritude ultramarine page.
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On 1:53 AM , Seenivasan said...

Siva have you reached that $100 mark? Great man. congratulations.

On 11:16 AM , Siva said...

It took a really long time. But it is ok as I don't do anything for it. Do your bit by clicking the ads :-)

On 3:09 AM , Seenivasan said...

siva i did my bit of clicking on yours...and i will continue the same :)

how about reciprocal?

(and yea i have just crossed the 50)

On 7:45 PM , Siva said...

Sure buddy, check your account and keep counting :-)