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Wall Street Journal has an article titled "He Drinks, She Drinks" (summary page). The entire article requires subscription. But I will quote the article here to give some idea about it. The central thread is "Men can't order anything they find in the cocktails list, you have to be choosy otherwise risk being called a sissy"

As drinks menus have increasingly skewed toward female tastes, men have grown leery of experimenting with new concoctions. Many guys eschew the cocktail list partly because they know what they want before they walk into the bar -- an example of what Anthony Burgess called the male preference for "old pipes and torn jackets." But I also think men cling to what they know for a sense of social security -- a Jack Daniel's is a safe, embarrassment-free drink, so why order anything else? Thus a vicious circle: With men hesitant to venture onto the cocktail list, menus skew even more heavily toward female tastes.

This isn't much of a problem for women. They can choose to indulge in the saccharine offerings designed with them in mind, or opt for more serious drinks, all without reproach. Women who buck convention and drink gin Martinis or Scotch on the rocks raise no eyebrows -- instead, they are rightly applauded for the sophistication of their choices. But for guys, the choice brings no small risk of social stigma: If men think that they're being judged by the drinks they order, they're right.

"There is nothing quite so disheartening for me as to see a rugged hulky man swagger in, take a seat, and grab the girly-drink menu," writes Ty Wenzel in her memoir "Behind Bars." A fashion editor at Cosmopolitan before she turned her hand to bartending, Ms. Wenzel writes with dismay of any chiseled-faced man "sitting here having a melon martini." Delivering the cocktail to one such specimen, "I made it known to him that I have no regard for him as a man." And all the poor fellow wanted was a drink.

Then it proceeds to add from a survey of Men and Women's choices
"Cheers, a magazine for the restaurant and bar industry, regularly does surveys to find out who is drinking what, and where. Recently it asked Middle American men and women their favorite mixed drinks. The top seven male drinks were Rum and Coke, Screwdriver, Gin and Tonic, Seven & 7, bourbon on the rocks, (Gin) Martini, and Scotch and Soda. And women's favorites? Margarita, Pina Colada, Daiquiri, Vodka and Cranberry, Cosmopolitan (but of course), Mudslide and Sea Breeze."
and adds a suggestion
"You can be pretty sure that if a cocktail's name even hints at love, it's a girly drink. The bar at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas has its Brazilian Love Potion (light rum, strawberries, pineapple, sugar syrup and lime juice). The cocktail menu at BLT Prime in New York features Aphrodite's Potion (champagne, "fresh berry melange" and blackberries). One SixtyBlue in Chicago offers L'amour (chocolate vodka, Chambord and Frangelico). Or how about just plain Amour (espresso, Amaretto, brown sugar and whipped cream) at David Burke at Bloomingdale's in New York?"
and concludes with
"With any luck, men and women will find it easier to get together over a drink -- the same drink, that is."
But if you ask me I am not the one who sticks only to those rough drinks. Sure, Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker on the rocks will be on the top of the list, but an occasional pina colada is fine with me. The thing I get uncomfortable with is the color (Sex and the city style pink) and the umbrellas. But mostly the bar tenders are good enough to warn on those.

But if you are in US be careful what you order. I heard a bar tender in Bangalore say Long Island Ice Tea is famous and the crowd is predominantly men. So I guess it is ok in Bangalore to order that Pina Colada. Hope things haven't changed.
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On 4:39 PM , Arasan said...

"Art of Drinking"...
"Pattai"-aana topic Siva :)-

Before coming to US, for me Bacardi with plane soda is my favourite drink. (Courtesy Alwa, for introducing this style)

Now after coming to US and nearly stayed here in US for 2 years, my preference goes like this. (courtesy - Mahi & Barani)

Summer -> Beers (Sam Adams, Amstel, Corona, Kronenberg 1664)

Fall -> Red Wines. (Italian & Cabernet + Sauvgenon flavor)

Winter -> Jack D, Johny Walker Scotch's, Tequila Shots, Old Goose Vodka + Sprite, Wines.

Spring -> Cocktails (Margarita, Cruzan Rum with coconut or pineapple, Long Island Ice Tea)

JackD/ Tequila Shots with Beers/ Couple of Margarita's
would make a perfect drink day on any season.

Its disgusting that in "top seven male drinks" I could not able to find mine oops :(-

Happy Drinking :)-

On 10:54 AM , Siva said...

Well Jack D was on the article mentioned as a risk-free drink for men.

Picking drinks based on season :-). I have never done that consciously. I will leave a blog post on that to you :-)