10:22 PM | Author: Siva
The Tamilnadu government has removed the rule that allowed corporal punishment in schools or in plain language the rule that allowed to beat the hell out of the children. Here is The Hindu report .

But wait, if you think sanity is returning to the state then that joy will be shortlived. It recommends imposition and suspension from class as corrective measures instead. Morons ! Why don't they just remove it and keep their mouth shut ? Why do they have to always recommend something ?
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On 7:43 AM , Seenivasan said...

Siva, enna MSP effect-a?!

I was eagerly waiting to get out of my schooling days just because of the reason that my school had the right(!) to beat the hell out. Honestly I was enquiring people to confirm that in colleges they wont beat pupil. I felt relieved once I crossed my schooling. My chithappa (who studied in the same school) still gets dreams where he is beaten by his class teacher.
The impact that it creates on our mind is huge.

While I admit that during my schooling I studied hard to escape from getting beaten, I also learnt some mal-practices (vera enna bit thaan) because of fear.

Anyways, I am totally against corporal punishments.

Suspension is okay.

Imposition, I think, it is useless.

(Word verification sucks. i tried 3 times to post this message. very discouraging...)

On 11:24 AM , Siva said...

MSP was a nightmare come true :-). And I was in the hostel there ! appad irukkumnu ninaichu paru. It is more like a correctional facility than school :-( .

These schools try to correct children most of the time than teach them anything useful !

The committee which made the recommendation was headed by a bureaucrat. I doubt if it had any expert in child psychology in it. I hated those impositions these guys recommend.

I will do something to remove the word verification.

On 11:28 PM , Seenivasan said...

Correctional Facility..ha ha ha...

Hostel life at MSP is much more painful than day scholar.

On 1:32 AM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Imposition and Suspension, this shows the maturity of School Education.

Primary School Education need to focus more on Creative Thinking, Lateral Thinking Development activities.

On 11:14 PM , Siva said...

TN School teacher : lateral thinking appadinna ?

On 4:39 PM , Baranidharan said...

It is good that we have started thinking about childrens. We never felt wrong about sending children to work or beating them. I have seen many parents telling teacher to beat nicely (what????). It is in our culture that with out beating one cannot be straingtened out. This may be good for iron rod not for human. No one has any right to beat or abuse any one. If some child is doing wrong even suspension or imposition will not help. May be he will try not to do for some time or cover mistake for the fear of these punishments. Best thing is to spend more time with these children and make them realise their mistakes. We do not have time so we always go for the short cut or a short cane.

This changing view is good, but the cost is high. I heard few instants where children have become mentally instable due to fear of punishment.

I hope this new iniative does not stay alone in paper.

On 6:21 PM , Siva said...

This may very well stay in paper. Even in the previous one which required the principal to be there when you beat a child was never followed. True some of it has to with the attitude of parents too.

On 12:47 PM , Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

2 stories come to my mind. First One is from Mahabaratha.

Most of you would háve heard this story. When Krishna ordered Yudishtra and Dhuriyodhana to see people in the world, the former replied that all are good. The other one replied all are crooked. This story simply tells us the truth that we tend to think all are just like us.

The second story. Just after freedom, Dr. Ambedkar was questioned: "What kind of government you suggest for India? India should be given in the hands of a Merciful Skillful Dictator"

Now coming back to our orginal discussion:
It appaears like you all suggest that the teachers should never punish the students by any means. Just consider honestly. Could the students be grown in a proper fashion by teaching alone? Or, for that case, teach what?

Siva. I know you were extremely hard working and really interested in studies and studies alone. You would have studied anywhere, even if not in MSP. You could have scored the same marks, if not more,even if you have joined in any other school. That is the reason you think that MSP is a nightmare. The problem is that you think everybody will be to your level. But the fact is 'NO'.

If you would consider me, I would certainly require some place like MSP to discipline myself. They have joined me in Srinivasa Vidhyalaya. Do you remember those days? Excessive freedom and Excessive Money. That is really a bad combination to have. Weekend Beers, Class Bunks, Cinema Theaters, Blank Calls. What made all these things? There was no one to control me. There was no one to punish me. Everybody were so kind.So, I know that they will never punish me and was continuing all the above things. Finally, after some heated arguments and scouldings, I stopped everything. It is not by the teachings or kind words. Finally the shouts(or punishments) helped me. Most of my friends fall in this category. So, what do you suggest for them?

Again, I accept the fact that excessive violence from the teacher should be avoided. If a teacher would beat a Child/Student with Cricket Bat(as in MSP) that should be stopped. But punishing the students, to some extent, is required. So, teachers must behave like a merciful dictator in punishing the students. If not, then students will become like India. Excessive growth to one segment of students. While another segment will find no growth.

But who draws the line between merciful pnishment and merciless punishment? It is only the teacher's self. The teachers must be matured enough to decide on that. (In India, we say 'Matha-Pitha-Guru-God'. So, the Guru must behave like a person between Parents and GoD.)

So, Punishments are not completely bad.....

On 11:04 PM , Siva said...

Well Sai, you know the end result. you scored more than me even with the weekend beer and class bunks. To me they are fine. The question I don't understand is what is the proper fashion and disciplining ourselves.

Sure, children need guidance. But all that is needed is guidance. Well can there be punishments ? Sure there can be punishments but they should be just to guide them. Not beating them. That is abusive. Not imposition. That is useless work. Not suspension from class. That defeats the purpose of learning. It can be simple small things. just to make them realize that they did a mistake. That should be enough.