12:59 PM | Author: Siva
Well, apart from two of the emerging markets Brazil and India are finding more things in common. The law taking its own course is the latest ! A Brazilian court has ordered shutdown of YouTube. The reason : a video featuring Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli.

Check the news here.

Though it is going to have no effect on Google or YouTube, it still underlines a problem. Think about this

While YouTube has attempted to placate the Brazilian couple for several months by taking copies of the video down, YouTube's users continue to re-upload copies of the video.

There are two questions : Can you block videos based on its content with the existing technology ? Check out an article on YouTube's problems scanning the videos. The 65000 videos per day those have to be scanned for copyright violations and the above sort of privacy issues are proving too much to handle. The actual answer will be the answer to : do you want to spend the money developing a technology to filter such content or do you want to spend it in lawsuits or even better do you want to spend it lobbying the government to say that the companies likeYouTube are not responsible for the content they host.

The second question is do you really want to filter these content as a company ? It is these videos that are bringing lot of users to your site. Do you want to turn them away ? For copyright violations : yes, filter them. For Daniela Cicarelli, the company could say : you had fun in the beach, fine. Let our users have some fun too. Why spend company's money developing technology that turn users away ? Instead spend that on the lawsuit, even better spend than on lobbying to free them from the legal actions of the content hosted in their site.
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On 7:31 PM , Siva said...

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