9:02 PM | Author: Siva
Is shorts the unofficial uniform for the Hindu temples ? It appeared so in the Hindu temple of Atlanta. That they have mentioned to avoid shorts makes me wonder. Is it the Indianness of the place that gives us the freedom to flaunt our disrespect for the rules ? Or will we people do the same for a Black Tie Dinner ?
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On 12:47 PM , Sarangan Rajamanickam said...

There is a rule and people do not follow it.

But, I wonder what is the purpose of that rule? I do not find any problem if you wear shorts to the temple. The dress like dhotis, pant shirts are ok. They look good and decent. But what is wrong with the shorts?

And Yes. Even I think the Indianness of the place might be a reason to disrespect the rules.

On 9:53 AM , Siva said...

Whether you require any dress code for a temple is a subject for debate. (My stand : what not to wear is good enough for most places than what to wear)

But I would expect the visitors to follow it when it is suggested.

On 11:15 AM , Baranidharan said...

I agree with you siva. Dress code is always a subject of debate. But if some one is requesting, we should try to follow it.

I asked few people this question. They said does my worship be affected by shorts. I asked them Will you come in shorts to workplace. I guess your work also will not be affected by shorts .

On 11:40 AM , Seenivasan said...

I want to quote what barani said a long back on a similar but someother topic.

'in bed room would you do what you would do in kitchen, in kitchen would you do what you would do in rest room?'

Temples mean tradition and there is some discipline expected and shorts is kinda regarded as a less disciplined (or very very informal) dress. I would go with 'avoiding shorts'.

By the way 'avoiding' is not equal to 'prohibiting'. Isn't 'avoiding' optional, literally?

On 3:19 PM , Siva said...

Seeni : yeah, people are using the optional part. The 100+ degrees in Atlanta could be one of the reason. Punch Barani antha dialogue solli iruppan :-).

Barani : That is exactly my view too. I rarely see a protest when companies enforce a dress code.

On 5:20 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

shorts in temple...mmm
how about dhoti for jogging!!!

I'll go with Barani's Five Room concept...

On 2:23 PM , Siva said...

Five room concept :-). Mama unn idea famous ayitte poguthu.

On 10:21 PM , Baranidharan said...

Ennamo poda madhava :-)