8:50 PM | Author: Siva
Why will someone read Atlas Shrugged, reread it, discuss and debate its values on a sunny Saturday Evening ?

a) The Kathirikkai and Paruppu in the Hostel mess was really bad.
b) The 44 degree centigrade Madurai weather was truly unbearable.
c) Got a gone case for a roommate whose social life was as pathetic as yours.
d) "Atlas Shrugged’ is a celebration of life and happiness."
e) All of the above.

Update : The NYT link was bad. Fixed it.
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On 1:14 PM , Seenivasan said...

Atlas Shrugged is on my list for a long time. Still no luck with it. So is Fountain head. :(

On 10:40 AM , Siva said...

I think we are past that age to read it :-)