9:32 AM | Author: Siva
Now that USCIS is considering EADs for H4 spouses what are the things people would/could do so your spouse can work in H4 ?
  • Postpone marriage till your H1 meets the eligibility criteria for H4 EAD. This assumes you have enough hair left and you can convince someone to marry you at that age.
  • Get married sooner, but leave spouse in India till your spouse qualifies for the visa. You will be married but can still enjoy the bachelorhood for a few more years. However, there is always the added cost of vonage or relianceindiacall you need to factor.
  • Don't worry about all this, just get married, have kids, raise them. The kids will be independent when your spouse becomes eligible for the visa. It has the added benefit you would have paid lot less for childcare.
Am I missing something ?

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