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He knew everything. To tie the shoe lace really fast. To explain face value of shares better than the math teacher. To teach me how to maintain a double entry ledger. Even when he didn't have a shoe or a share. He had answers to all the questions. He asked questions that are difficult to answer. He quoted from Kalamega pulavar and Ramalinga Adigalar. To remember the Thirukural that ends with 'ila' was simple for him.

I pick the shares for him and teach him options. He doesn't like Excel. I wish he can still teach me something. May be he can.
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On 9:59 AM , Baranidharan said...

Yaruda athu .. is it your dad

On 11:50 AM , Siva said...

Does it matter ? :-)

On 11:59 AM , Seenivasan said...


On 1:47 PM , Siva said...

Well, then. yeah :-).

On 1:39 AM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

haha...enjoy the days for next 6 months..

Siva DAD na chummava..