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His name, Pugazh, meant fame. To pronounce it as 'PugaL' with the tongue rolled and touching the innermost part of upper roof of the mouth for the 'L" part was difficult for everyone. Even his parents didn't pronounce it correctly. He never knew why all Tamilians insisted on spelling the letter which sounded like a twisted 'La' with a 'zha'. They called the letter the pride of the language. The spelling hurt his. He sincerely wished he can change his name. At the least the way he spelled it. He started signing as Paul G. He said it is for the sake of his clients.
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On 6:10 PM , Baranidharan said...

It is difficult for most of us to differentiate zha la. Pazham Palam Balam is all same for me :-)

On 10:49 AM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

me too barani! PAUL G, thats creative one

On 3:38 PM , Siva said...