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The fruit has multiple names in Tamil - kodikappalli, kodukapalli and konapuliyangai. The Scientific or English name is unknown. That is if Google is to be believed. All I can find is an image of it.

Missing something is one. Not knowing the name of what you are missing is another.
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On 9:31 AM , Baranidharan said...

Mama, scientific name is pithecolobium dulce (Courtesy - Dad)

english name - Manila Tamrind (I think so)

On 12:36 PM , Siva said...

Thanks mama, That answers an unanswered question.

Now, I want to eat it. Any help is appreciated. Check with your dad too :-)

On 2:27 PM , Baranidharan said...

I was very surprised when my dad told the answer spontaneously. If it is common plant like rice, neem I would not have surprised as he is Agri professor, but it is a rarely spoken one but still he remembered the scientific name

On 2:29 PM , Baranidharan said...

I will give some when you come to CBE until then "Che Che Intha Pazham Pullikum"

On 3:30 PM , Siva said...

that is why he is prof, isn't it ?

On 10:17 AM , Seenivasan said...

I thought only pregnant women would have sudden desire to eat something we normally wont think of going in search of. Is this 'post production' effect for new fathers?!?

Konapuliyangai - I have never heard this name. Other two I have heard.

Barani - I am surprised about your Dad's response. Great man...adhaan book ellam eludhi irukkar. nee enna pannina? 'Ma ma ma' eludhinadhoda sari.

Siva - Don't we have this thing in US?

On 12:01 PM , Siva said...

No, you can't find them in US. It is not just this. There are a bunch of tropical fruits that we miss here.

Nungu/palm kernel, panam kizhangu/palm tuber, pala palam/jack fruit, nava palam/indian berry. Even good mangoes.

Oh, that mango thing is supporting your point :-) But the only post production effect I have seen is sleep deprivation :-)

On 3:27 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Mr Bangs, Kalakitaru Po!

Konapuliyangai, I havent heard this before..

Camachile is another name, this is predominant in Philiphines too...

On 3:30 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Other Names

Camachile / Guamachil /Manila Tamarind