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The man had 3 daughters. He didn't have any hair. His house was the one among the two in the middle of a paddy field. He was sure that the boys in the other house were rowdies. Otherwise they will be in the hostel, he reasoned.

None of them wore shirts at home. He often heard 'Nila Kayuthu' in loud volume. He was sure the whistles from the other bathroom were intended. The screens he installed didn't help too. The younger one insisted that studying in the terrace and wearing her favorite nightie while doing so is the only way she can pass.

The goons never seem to go to college as they claimed they did. One or other was there in that house always. He had to pack the girls to his sister's for the holidays. Full moon nights confirmed his feelings. Only rowdies try Kamalahasan's 'Thakida thathimi' and Sivakumar's 'Thanni Thotti' on the parapet wall. But the music wasn't the same always. Sometimes it was good like the music from Veedu. But he never understood why they chose one to the other.

All his daughters are married now. There is a new bunch of rowdies living there. They mentioned that the previous bunch is in the US writing software for some company. He wished for a grandson. He didn't have any hair left to lose.
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On 4:12 PM , Karthikeya Arasan SV said...

Also one of the regular visitor to this house is also sitting at US and claiming that he also writes software :)-

BTW, Visitor felt unhappy in not knowing that there were 3 daughters to a old man :(-

On 3:42 PM , Siva said...

The visitor didn't miss much though :-)

On 11:03 AM , Baranidharan said...

Arasa, I did have the same question.

Mama I believe your words :-)

On 8:00 PM , Siva said...

mama, you didn't notice girls .. That is a first :-)