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Though my profile says I live in Gainesville, FL, I spend a fair amount of time in the Matheson Reading Room of Emory University. The news today is the famous Salman Rushdie (or should I say infamous?) is joining the Emory faculty as professor in English department. I am no fan of his books. But I may attend one of his talks. It could be interesting, especially the Q&As, considering the huge Pakistani population in Emory. Let us see. (No, it is not for the hope that Padma Lakshmi may attend the talk.)
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On 8:57 AM , Seenivasan said...

There seems to be a rumour that Padma Lakshmi and Rushudie have split. Not sure.

By the way, is there any specific reason why you should say as infamous? Is it Satanic Verses or something else?!

On 8:10 PM , Siva said...

Never heard of that. Partly to do with Satanic verses(depending on which side of the line you are), but partly due to spinning his intellectual status to kind of a page 3 celebrity.

On 11:20 AM , senthil said...

Interesting gossip!! Collegela irukkara ma.ma.ma pazhakkatha vida mattaengaranda avan!

On 5:48 PM , Siva said...

Appears you miss ma. ma. ma :-) . Atleast I do. It will beat the so called tabloids outright. Seeni, over to you.