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The Hindu reports that Google is finding it difficult to hire talent in India. The report is actually based on the speech of Kavitark Ram Shriram, a founding board member of Google, in the Investing in India conference. I will agree with the argument itself. It is difficult to find the right talent. The Hindu's article itself is an example.

Check the article. It is from PTI. The first part is the report about the speech itself. Then they contacted Google India's spokesperson and published his views. So far so good. But they continue

"Meanwhile, people in the blogspace are also blaming the talent crunch Google is facing to the recent controversy related to the company's social networking service Orkut."

Where did that come from ? That is surely a googly. So is it Indians are boycotting Google because Orkut had a 'I Hate India' group ? But The next line is the best

"Orkut is evolving into a major controversy as Indians are really concerned over privacy and there is no privacy on the site," wrote a blogger.

So even the Faltugiri is not the reason. It is privacy. Who is this blogger ? Blog Search at least shows only one other blogger who has that in his blog. But he has the same aforementioned article reproduced in his website. I will take blog search's word and assume there is no such blogger and it is the author's words. But still Why will Orkut evolve into a controversy ? Why will this lead to Talent crunch for Google? The answer escapes me.

Sure. It is difficult to find talent. The standards of India's National newspaper proves it.

Follow up : The same piece of wisdom is also published in ToI.
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On 1:06 AM , mundlapati said...

Google is in fact looking to hire intrapreneurs aka out of box thinkers.
The reality is Indian society does not appreciate them.