10:26 AM | Author: Siva
JAM magazine is conducting a survey of Engineering colleges in India. It is going to be a difficult rank colleges all across the country. But I guess the 66% peer group rating will eliminate most unknown colleges. To take the survey you have to be a current student or recent graduate. (2003 or newer). That is sad.

I know, among the handful of readers of this blog, a good number is from TCE. So pass this on to our current students and recent alumni.

The survey is here. The details are at Rashmi Bansal's post. As pointed out in the comments the survey itself misses some points like research if any, number of students who go for higher studies, industry interaction etc. Still the survey is a very good effort and worth participating.
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On 2:35 PM , Rashmi Bansal said...

hi - thanks for linking to our survey and spreading the word.To clarify a few points:

-Research will be taken into account.We are collecting info from the management as well

-We aim to cover 400 colleges in the first edition.That number may go up in the future

LAstly, we especially require assistance in states like TN and AP with large no of colleges.


On 3:54 PM , Siva said...
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On 3:55 PM , Siva said...

Sure. It also had some selfish motives to see that my college is placed well in the ranking :-). Thanks for the clarification too.

BTW, I even thought of nominating myself for that assistance. But there will be better people who graduated recently with a better network.