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Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi (Annoying(?)* King Pulikesi-23), is banned in Karnataka. Rakshne Vedika and Kaveri Kannada found the conspiracy of the Tamils. Pulikesi-2 defeated mahendravarman a tamil king in the 600's A.D. But mahendravarman's blood line is still a closely guarded secret. But they found it. Yes it is director sankar. He made it big into movies with one goal in mind. To avenge the defeat mahendravarman suffered against pulikesi. But he cannot blow his cover by directing a movie on pulikesi. So he instead produced one which portrays pulikesi with vadivelu !

Now tell me, how cheap can these people get ? Don't these guys have some sense of humor ? Can't they see vadivelu ? How can that character hurt sentimets ? I was looking forward for this movie, a political satire(probably) after a long time. Anyone remember cho's Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq ? The least common denominator of the bangalore is dictating terms once again. God save the high cort judges in Bangalore. They need to go to their grand kids' history books now.

* Imsai is not annoying as in Somnath Chatterjee, but it is annoying as in Sidhu. Something you can laugh at.
** The ban is true, Karthik, my friend in Bangalore, went to see it but couldn't. PVR refunded the money.
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On 1:14 PM , senthil said...

This is another example of civilization not including all citizens. We speak a lot of how our civilization is the best but we still need to make huge leeways in civilizing a lot of our own people with our culture. Mandu makkal thanna thaane avamaanapaduthukirathukal! They also need to use some common sense.

On 1:06 AM , Siva said...

buddy, that must be one of the longest tamil word :-)

yeah, bangalore is developing as one of the most intolerant places. Common sense ? you are expecting too much :-)

On 2:30 PM , Arasan said...

I enjoyed this movie watching last week. The comedy was good, dont look for any logical scenes are screen play. Its just movie on humour front. I dont see anything specific to real Pulikesi here.
Expect Vadivelu character name being 'Pulikesi', there is nothing to hurt the real Pulikesi king's history.

Ban in Bangalore for this movie, Hahaha that was a height of stupidity.

On 5:36 AM , Anonymous said...

See the history correctly.Again in 630 A.D. that
a lieutenant of the Pallava king, Narsimhavarman, defeat-
ed the Pulikesi king at Vathapi, the capital city of the
Chalukyas (now called Badami in Bijapur district in
Go to school again and study well.


On 10:34 AM , mathumithauppili said...

Pulikesi 23 is just a comedy story and not at all mentioning the real Pulikesi king.

On 10:47 AM , Siva said...

really ?

On 6:49 PM , Vivek Kanna said...

Narashimavarman defeated Pulikesi II in 630 AD please study the history clearly before writing ...

On 2:10 PM , Kirubasankar said...

Pulikesi II didnt won the battle with Mahendravarman, but Pulikesi captured some northern places of Mahendravarman's capital city, kanchipuram. That war was held near a small town 15 kms from kanchipuram, I'm from kanchipuram and that place is 20 kms from my house. If pulikesi II defeated Mahendravarman, how would his son Narashimmavarman continue as king at kanchi ? Later Narashimmavarman invaded Vatapi and his general paranjothi himself killed Pulikesi II.

This was history and that had nothing to do with this movie. According to that movie, Vadivelu was named as Pulikesi as his father prayed to god Pulikesinathar for child, while visiting Hyder Ali. Thats why Vadivelu's name is Pulikesi. The coward pulikesi is not coward by nature he was grown as such by his uncle, the villan of the movie. And yet there is another hero in this movie is also pulikesi, he is brave and intelligent, as he settles in some other family and studies in Nalanda University.

And I think you, saying that Director shankar is blood line of Mahendravarman just for joke. If you are saying it for real, I can say your imagination is funnier than the movie. Ha..Ha..Ha..