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It is appalling how our politicians can react to a situation of emergency. When they get the news of 8 serial blasts in mumbai and 5 in Kashmir, they call a meeting, they meet for an hour, then they issue lame statements. They claim that these attacks won't derail the peace process.

If we do little thinking then we will see that it requires a coordinated effort to carry out such an operation. These 13 or more guys should use something to coordinate. Can it be phone calls or e-mails ? They couldn't have just used sign language. Do we have the technology to track all of those phone calls ? My guess : In India it is not good enough to catch them. They didn't apparate into the mumbai trains. Can we trace them ? No we don't have surveillance cameras in place in most of our public areas. Sure they are invasive. But I would prefer to be safe. When we don't spend our money on security we are doomed to what happened yesterday.

Media and Politicians are claiming the 'resilience of mumbai'. The point is not being resilient or succumbing to the terrorists. The point is we don't need to face those misfortunes to be resilient later. We deserve a safe life.

If I were to write a letter to Dr.Singh -
Dr.Singh, this is the best opportunity to hunt these idiots. You have provided photographs of their camps for years now. Can you take security seriously and start spending on it ? Can you order a surgical strike on these camps ? The international community will support you now. Pakistan can't support these extremists atleast for now. If you lack the technology or the guts for the operation then stepping down will be a better option. When there are serious problems we need leaders who lead from the front. (Please don't give us a feeling George Bush would have been better)

Let us not issue statements like "We urge Pakistan to take steps to dismantle the infrastructure as early as possible". Thankfully, the word is atleast urge and not request ! Forget the economy bouncing back, stock markets rising despite the attacks. That is your forte. For once let us talk about the problem in hand and solve it. We won't become a super power unless we act like one. We won't get the Security Council seat with desires. Deserve it by showing that we will hit back strongly. For god's sake, ACT.
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On 3:44 PM , senthil said...

Unfortunately current indian political leadership really lacks will. And India's stance on terrorism has for long been soft. We try indirect methods rather than a direct approach. And our government has never understood how to unite indians against terrorism. They have not been able to form a single public opinion. They should make everyone understand that terrorism is not about religion. Religion is only a means to the terrorist and the end is the division.

Governments themselves cannot make the change bcos they are part of the problem. Their inactions and inadequacies have aided in keeping this issue alive. They are also partly guilty and the accused can never solve a problem. The people should push the governments towards stern action. Practically this can happen if an oppurtunist politician makes this an election issue and galvanises votes by using this. Then things will certainly change. We still need to rely on an bold oppurtunistic guy for that!

On 6:24 PM , Siva said...

Sure, they should generate a single public opinion. Atleast a majority's opinion. What will be a better time than this ? I am sure if it comes from Abdul Kalam, a muslim himself, it will be easier to generate support. But he is probably interested in one more term :-). Dr.Singh won't take such a decision. So we will have to wait for the some leader !

In the meantime, the media will write about resilience and will make us forget the whole episode.

But it has to be from the government more exactly from the leaders. People will embrace it later. It is very difficult to do this bottom up. Our elections are fought with Gold coins and color tvs. Terrorism as an election plank may not win you an election. There has to be a gold coin politician, who takes terrorism seriously. We don't seem to have one.