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After a week's trip to different parts of California, I am slowly settling back to normal life. With close to 500 photographs, I won't be able to upload them all. We were fortunate to see some of the best places in California. I am going to upload the photos as various sets over a week. Below is a small sample from my wildlife set.

Most of these photos are from two places. Pt.Lobbos state park and from our whale watching trip. No photo can do justice to the magical beauty of Point Lobbos. We were happy that this place is still not in the tourist radar. Hence retains the magic.

We went 2.5 hrs into the sea to watch whales.(Sanctuary Cruises, Moss Landing) The trip was well worth it. To see 4 of those huge whales, move in tandem, blow, dive, breach out of water, play going sideways was an experience to itself. All this happens from 100-150 ft from where you stand. It is their territory. They dictate the terms. They dive, disappear for 4-5 mins and then reappear. Sometimes dangerously close to the boat, sometimes far away. If you are in the bay area don't miss these.

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On 6:09 PM , balraj said...

Photos look great .. btw, what species is the last one ;-) .. seems to fit the group .. on a serious note i liked the deer one

On 6:22 PM , Siva said...

the last species is the wildest of all :-). Thanks bals for catching the mistake. I fixed it.

The deer was cute. She is in the wild, free. Not the tamed deers we see in zoo. So she was shy of humans. We found her in the most unpopulated part of the park.