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My bro Suraj forwarded this picture last week. Is that a resilient family ? Check out the poor man who is in the background. I can assure you that this isn't just a pose for the photo. Those people sincerely want to watch the serial. I have seen such personalities. I guess, it all started with Ramayan and Mahabharath. But that was fine. Some Mythology, some war, it was sort of ok. There will even be a confusion when there is a one day match to switch between DD-1 and DD-2.

At the same time DD had this 13 episode serials. Some of them were quite decent and it gets over in 13 weeks. So we were still in safe territory. KB's Rail Snegham was pretty decent. But that was it. I was left behind there. I wasn't part of the mega serial boom. But it happened and the boom is at its peak now. In Tamilnadu it started with Chithiiiii. It led to the development of the following characters.

Grandma : you will often hear her talk to grandma2 "sandala pavi, gayathriya kai vittutane". If you assume she is talking about your ex-girl friend gayathri and plan to confess then you are in serious trouble.

Mom : "It is already 8.30. Why don't you come and have dinner ?" Is it because of the couple of inches we lost ? No, Wrong again, it is because kudumbam starts at 9.00.

Sis : "What are you watching ? Is it good ? ". That probably means give me the remote and get out.

Dad : "vaada sappitralam." That means let us eat fast or we won't get food for another hour.

Seriously, these are real people. There is this girl we know. She is a s/w engineer. Being in a thankless job she works till 8.50 pm. Then her poor boy friend has to drop her at home. He again picks her up at 9.30 pm for dinner. 9.00 - 9.30 was her serial time with some kudambam, kaviyam type serial. It doesn't matter that your own life could be in jeopardy. What if the poor BF gets frustrated ? Who cares ? It appears people need that peek into some other people's problems. Most of these serials satisfy that longing for the gossip. They satisy the urge to see what is happening in the next door. But the problem is "the girl next door" has a drunkard as her husband and is perpetually crying.

For a change I would like to see a mega serial like "the girl next door" itself. Let me not care about Day-Night matches. Let me forget about food and make my mom wait for me. Ah, if had all my wishes granted then I wouldn't be blogging about this now, Will I ? :-)
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On 2:21 PM , Arasan said...

I used to get affected when ever I visit my home duing vacation. I dont have liberty to change the channels esp during these serial(s).

This picture is too much, I pity on that 'Kudumba Thalaivar' standing outside.

On 2:35 PM , senthil said...

yes .. we do say so much about these serials. But it is another way of expression of the silence of their lives. Most of the housewives donot really have anything to look forward to in the schedule of their day. If I were to stay at home all day and do cooking washing and all the house chores, then after a month, certainly I will turn to somebody to talk to. After a certain age, it becomes difficult to talk to others easily. So the only outlet for most of them is the TV serials. For one, it is not fast-paced and reactions of actors to any event in the serial are very slow. This makes them feel as if it is happening in front of them making it look even more real. Even in the west, where middle-aged and old-aged women are more active socially, soap operas are a fad. Indian woman's day schedule also has another thing which might aid this. Everything is repetitive. There is nothing really fresh on a daily basis. It's all about routine for them. That way if there is a megaserial running for a year at the same time everyday, that also gets easily fixed into their routine.

I enjoyed the comments about grandma mom sis and dad. But I donot understand the engineer. How can somebody who has to work on different stuff almost everyday and think a lot in a day immerse herself into mediocre escapist fare at home?

Ultimately this is a hot topic and the item is a good read.

On 2:05 AM , Siva said...

@ Arasa,
I have seen some senior men who are addicted to this serials too.

>>How can somebody who has to work on different stuff almost everyday and think a lot in a day
What, I was talking about a s/w engineer buddy. esp in an outsourced project. What are you talking about ? I assume it is all sarcasm.

BTW, I can see what marriage can do to a person. you are talking the side of women. Don't you want that remote back ?