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SanFrancisco & Pacifica
San Francisco & Pacifica,
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San Francisco is famous for the quote "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." which is often misattributed to Mark Twain. But it lived upto the quote. These photographs are taken in a june afternoon. The second part of the photographs are from Pacifica. This is a small town fondly called the fog capital of the world (like the Basketball's "World" Champions - Miami Heats). Our hotel Best Western lighthouse was right on the beach. Wonderful place.

Tip : If you are visiting San Francisco then plan your stay in Pacifica. It is just 15 miles south of San Francisco. But it is away from the city with a beautiful rugged and fogy coastline.
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On 9:49 AM , senthil said...

your photography is great siva .. nalla photos ... I'm also inspired to take my SLR back and do something

On 12:49 PM , Siva said...

Thanks buddy. But as you know, I am an average photographer myself. But I am trying to improve. The difference this time is that you can't go wrong on these locations. They are the best.

Take that SLR out. Bals suggested a competition. I guess canada is one of the best places for to enjoy nature and capture it in camera. Isn't it ?

On 2:23 PM , Arasan said...

I thought CA will be hot summer, but looking at the Golden Gate Photo mu assumptions were wrong, its foggy. Looks like that was spectacular view of golden gate Bridge. Wish I should visit this place.

On 12:21 AM , Siva said...

The bay area is hot. You will see this only in SFO.