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These pictures are from Yosemite National Park. What a place ! Breathtaking scenery, serene beauty, Nature at its best. Million words won't describe it. So let me leave it to the pictures.
Tip : Don't go on a holiday weekend. Stay inside the park even if it is expensive. you won't regret it.
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On 11:41 AM , balraj said...

Amazing shots .. wonderful location to try your photographic skills. Senthil .. watch out .. there is a serious contender in Siva.

With so much talent in our group .. why not we organize a competition ?? Just a wild thought. Each of us can compile 5 of our best photos. Non participants can be judges and we can see who comes up with the best album.

On 11:57 PM , Siva said...

Thanks bals. yeah, even the simplest shots at yosemite will look great.

I am all for the competition. I have some very good collection after the last week's trip :-)

On 2:34 PM , Arasan said...

Excellent beauty of mother nature. Don Pedro Lake / Yosemite Falls is standing out. Yosemite Falls is the highest in North America and the third highest in the world (2425 ft / 782 m). Photos shows that you are good at photography too :)-

On 12:24 AM , Siva said...

We didn't plan to go to Don Pedro Lake. We were driving to Yosemite. We saw a beautiful lake on the way. Just took that exit. We did this in quite a few places this time. All of them turned good.